We Know it works… but don’t take our word for it!


We found The Job Show very beneficial! Great meeting lots of new businesses. Lots of potential candidates! Very busy with a lot of momentum. Event was ran very well, and everyone was so professional! Cant wait to attend again next year.

Kura – North EastNovember 2018


The Job Show North East was a really great event. It was well organised by lovely people. The launch and the set up was fantastic. I really enjoyed engaging with job seekers and chatting to them about their job search and hopes/aspirations for the future. It was a great opportunity to help and advise members of the public about the vacancies at Sunderland City Council.

What a fabulous day with fabulous people!

Sunderland City Council – North East – November 2018


Well organised and well set out for footfall/flow. Would definitely be interested in taking part in further Job Shows nationwide.

Partner Construction – North East – November 2018


Thanks for a lovely day at the Stadium of Light  job show event. Everyone was very well organised and proactive to meet all needs to ensure the day was very positive.

We had a lot of interest and hopeful to have some successful applicants from todays interest.

St Annes Community Services – North East – November 2018

We found The Job Show™ extremely busy today with massive footfall through the door. We had a massive diverse cultural audience here and it has been really good to let our local community know the roles we have available.  We would recommend this event and would come year on year!

London North West University Healthcare  – London Wembley – October 2018

We had a great day at The Job Show™ and met some really good candidates that we look to follow up with next week….We would definitely  recommend this to other companies to come along, really good calibre of candidates, really well organised and good media build up before the event.

Hyperoptic  – London Wembley – October 2018


West Met Skills is a merger between Harrow College and Uxbridge College North West London. We offer Apprenticeships and free training for people looking for work……we found The Job Show™ fantastic – we saw 60-70 people – many more people took information from our table. We have people’s contact details and we will be following up in the course of the next few days to invite them into the college and get them signed up to our free training courses or apprenticeships. We found it has been a really beneficial event to attend and hopeful we will definitely be attending next year and look forward to coming back in the future.

West Met Skills – London Wembley – October 2018

It has been a real success for us today, lots of visitors – from young people who want to get into construction to people who want to train to get into construction. Also, people who have good qualifications and looking for a job. We would return to this event……a real success for us.

Graham Construction – London Wembley – October 2018

It has been a really busy day – the response has been fantastic, we have some really solid candidates for the various vacancies we have, not just for the local sites but all across London…we even had some enquiries for nursing and NDT roles….I would recommend the show, you get a diverse audience, if you have jobs to fill, definitely come along.

Cygnet Health Care – London Wembley – October 2018


The event was a success, made some great contacts and promoted the brand and career opportunities for the future. 

Our main aim was to promote the vacancies we currently have in the Welham Green area, spoke with approx. 20 possible candidates.

Look forward to the next one!

DHL – London Wembley – October 2018

The atmosphere has been fantastic with a lot of positive response. A lot of people looking to work in our positions. We are very  happy with the people we met and have some fabulous candidates for our companies, looking forward to seeing them next week.  Thank you to the organisers. Looking forward to your next show.

Skopes – London Wembley – October 2018

The Job Show has been a great success we have had a really good response from people and the number of people looking for jobs has been great. We will be following up with several people who have been here either qualified or unqualified.

Mid Co Care  – London Wembley – October 2018

We came here today and we have been overwhelmed by the amount of people who have been here. We have had lots of general enquiries…it has been really good and we have really enjoyed it.

Hounslow Council – London Wembley – October 2018


I just wanted to say a huge thank you in organising the Job Show in Wembley yesterday. It was a great opportunity for Action West London to make contact with so many different people and companies. We actually managed to make contact with over 50 people who we could potentially offer help to!

It was also a fantastic opportunity to give us greater exposure in Brent.

Action Talent – London Wembley – October 2018

I must say what a fantastic day with an incredible footfall of people seeking inspiration or support in their chosen careers.  The buzz in the room throughout the day was truly electrifying. My team met a number of disabled young adults who were interested in the work we do and in some cases signed up to the Work & Health Programme on the spot.  Equally it was great to speak with many new and existing organisations who shared their opportunities on the day.  

One of the highlights for me was meeting a young man who used to be on one of Shaw Trust programs in 2016 who was also manning a stand at the Job Show for his current employer.  He expressed so much thanks to the Wembley Shaw Trust team who helped him with his personal issues resulting with him gaining the confidence and motivation to secure employment with well-known employer and also is now becoming a mentor to young adults.

Well done to The Jobshow team.

Shaw Trust – London Wembley – October 2018

The event has been excellent. We have seen a wealth of talented individuals who we hope will apply for roles with our organisation. The event was well organised, well promoted and a pleasure to be involved with. Thank you The Job Show™ Team for your great work and support.

Leicestershire County Council – Leicester – June 2018

Well organised event both before and during the event. Great location at the King Power Stadium. Steady flow of job seekers throughout the day and a great opportunity to talk about our career opportunities and the benefits of working at Office Depot.

Office Depot – Leicester – June 2018

Lots of high quality candidates that were really engaged and genuinely looking for new opportunities. The event was organised really well and Santander have gained some great potential employees.

Santander – Leicester – June 2018

Another useful event for Arriva.

The Job Show™ never fails to impress.

See you again next year!

ARRIVA – Leicester – June 2018

It was great to be invited to The Job Show™, a lot of effort was put into this event. Felt welcomed and the hospitality was lovely. We had great interest and a lot of people will be applying. I look foward to our next event with you…..don’t forget to invite us!

HSBC – Leicester – June 2018

This event provided us with exposure to potential tutors from a wide range of backgrounds. The Job Show™ has provided us with exposure and opportunities to network with other local companies.

Tutor Doctor – Leicester – June 2018


Fantastic location with a whole host of big name brands who were all there to showcase the amount of varied opportunities that Manchester has to offer. Well organised, well promoted event which did provide some quality candidates who we are very excited to explore further.

Convergys – Manchester – April 2018


Having worked in recruitment for 5 years, this is the best Job fair I have attended. The calibre of attendees has been impressive and the event has been extremely well co-ordinated. The event has been extremely beneficial and I’m confident Swissport will be making several good additions as a result of The Job Show™.

Swissport – Birmingham – February 2018


Really good event, with a wealth of good applicants, with mixed abilities and job goals at various stages in their career. Well laid out venue, easy to get to, advertised well.

Presentation at the start, really good and got everyone motivated and ready for the day.

Kept busy all day – good footfall throughout.

HSBC Bank – Birmingham – February 2018


Very well organised with a great variety of exhibitors. Fabulous turnout of job hunters and a great calibre. Marketing beforehand is a brilliant touch as people understood more about us specifically.

Allianz- Birmingham – February 2018

The event was at a good location and well organised. Good media advertisement. Candidate footfall was steady.

National Express – Birmingham – February 2018


The event was very well co-ordinated and allowed us to meet a great variety of candidates. As an apprentice supporting the event, it was a fantastic opportunity for me to share my experiences and felt there was a great interest from those who attended.

BMET – Birmingham – February 2018


The Job Show North East is vital in providing the residents of Sunderland and the wider North East Region with a vast array of employment opportunities.  The response by individuals of all ages seeking jobs, apprenticeships or training for this event has been phenomenal, with over 700 pre-registering for November’s event.

The Job Show also provides the opportunity for people who have been out of work for one reason or another, whether it be a career break, redundancy, ill health or bringing up families – to gain access to training or to have the chance to learn new skills or discover new talents. It also provides the means for those looking for a change of career to explore new opportunities, by having a face to face conversation with people already working in a range of different industries.

Skilled people are the main driver of successful businesses and dedicated, flexible and skilled people is what we are known for in the North East.  However, what is just as important is that we do what we can to develop the next generation of talented people, so we are particularly pleased to support the this event which does just that and which will help young people in Sunderland find a pathway to training that will help them shine.

Cllr Harry Trueman

Deputy Leader, Sunderland City Council

MAKE it SUNDERLAND  North East – November 2017


“An excellent event for us as sponsors……the ability to interact and engage with not only prospective employees but employers as well is invaluable. First class organistion with excellent pre-publicity have contributed to a busy and productive day!”

Leicestershire County CouncilLeicester – November 2017


“We met plenty of fantastic talent on the day, overall it was a fantastic success! Great turnout…..This was our first Job Show™ and it won’t be the last!”

E-OnLeicester – November 2017


“Well organised event, professional and friendly staff, great footfall and networking opportunities. Look forward to working with The Job Show Team again!

Barker Ross GroupLeicester – November 2017


“Really good day, saw plenty of strong potential candidates – some specifically looking for jobs with Santander.

Will definitely come again – Thanks from The Santander Team!!”

Santander Leicester – November 2017


“A well organised event and great opportunity to engage with the local community!”

Caffe Nero – Leicester – November 2017


“A very well organised event, clearly well advertised as we were very busy and have received numerous appications. I would highly recommend  The Job Show™ purely on how great the structure was!”

Prime LifeLeicester – November 2017


“Wow…..what a well structured and set up event!

Todays’ event has been a massive success with a steady flow of potential prospects accessing the event and also interested in the main exhibitors there.

As a company we have registered 64 credible interests from prospects to our organisation and Apprenticeship Scheme. It has been a buzz of activity with an excellent structure and accessibility and direction.

As a business we will be definitely attending this event again!”

Everyone Active Leicester – November 2017


“We have found today to be really productive.

Please let us know of any up coming Job Shows!”

Fosse HealthcareLeicester – November 2017

“A very good day with a few potential leads to follow up and interview.”

Mutual Clothing & Supply Co. Ltd – Leicester – November 2017

“As ever this show is well organised, supported and promoted. The range of opportunities and listings is diverse and relevant. The shows are always well attended and give employers and partners a great opportunity to engage with a willing audience.”

Nationa Careers Service – Leicester – November 2017

“We had lots of interest in The jobs that we are currently advertising from a diverse range of people.”

Richmond Fellowship – Leicester – November 2017


‘”Thank you so much for letting us be part of the The Job Show™, as an ever expanding national company we are always looking for new and fresh talent and that is exactly what we found.  We met some fantastic people, gave out over 100 applications and even managed to send someone from the Job Show straight to an interview with a Regional Manager and we were delighted to offer her a job the same day.  She had never worked in Sales before but she had the confidence and personality we look for.  The show was a fantastic opportunity not just for the visitors but also for ScS.  This was our first Job Show but it will certainly not be our last.”

ScS – North East – November 2017


‘’The Job Show™ – refreshing to see an environment where local people can look to better their way of life. The wide cross section of people here today highlights the need for this type of show.

Thanks! ‘’

EC Outsourcing – North East – November 2017


‘’The event today has been an over whelming success with the possibility to speak to potential young people about our Apprenticeship Scheme and the opportunities we offer.

We have really been able to demonstrate and promote our brand to potential candidates. We have also networked with other providers to create links with other businesses to drive Apprenticeship Recruitment.”

Everyone Active – North East – November 2017

‘’A very enjoyable day!

We were able to engage with potential clients and employers. The event was well organised with a steady volume of people coming through. Opportunities to network.

Well worth attending and would do again.”

Shaw Trust – North East – November 2017


‘’It was great to be part of The Job Show™, we are looking for over 200 people and it was a pleasure  to go face-to-face with so many people who took an interest in our company and the jobs we have on offer, as a new company to Peterborough The Job Show™ also helped us increase our brand presence in Peterborough which is key to any new business moving into the city. A very successful day was had by all! ‘’

Addison Lee – Peterborough – September 2017


We’ve seen a wide range of people from all different backgrounds – from young people who have just gained a degree to older people who want to retrain. Our visitors have asked lots of questions, many have given their details and plan to visit one of our future open events and enrol.

Overall, the event has been very well organised and we look forward to working with you in the future!

Newcastle CollegeNorth East – May 2017


Fantastic opportunity to meet new people who were keen to share their experiences. Great way to speak to people face to face to help with their goals and opportunities to develop and create employment.

Very insightful and great way to truly connect to engaging people.

Thank you!

BarclaysNorth East – May 2017



This is the first year Parseq have attended The Job Show™ North East and it has been amazing. We had lots of people attend our stall to hear about our amazing positions and managed to get 60 people who are actively looking for work and happy to be taken to the next stage of the recruitment selection process! The team have been fantastic and we would highly recommend it to other companies.

Parseq – North East – May 2017


Great day at The Job Show™ North East.

We’ve really enjoyed meeting everyone today and had a great turn out. Can’t wait for next time. 

Thanks for getting this organised so well and thank you for helping co-ordinate.

Worldpay – North East – May 2017


Well structured and organised event. Great turnout and venue was ideal.

Smart Utility Management – North East – May 2017


The Job Show™ North East has been a real success. We have spoken to a variety of candidates who have great enthusiasm as well as speaking to potential clients. We would like to thank The Job Show™ for creating a great event and can’t wait to attend next year.

Zenith People – North East – May 2017


Another good show and great opportunity to meet potential employees ‘face to face’ and also get the brand name out there.

BGL Group – North East – May 2017


This was a well organised event, great advertisement for any company, easily located and a good footfall.

Northern Gas & Power – North East – May 2017


Great day! Met some fab people. Very well organised. Can’t wait for the next one!

ResQ – North East – May 2017


We are very pleased that we attended today. We have had considerable interest and some viable candidates. We have had opportunities to meet other people in conjunction with our own business interests – we would be very interested in attending another event like this in the future.

Thorncliffe Home Care – North East – May 2017


Very well run event. Organisers very friendly and helpful.

Go North East – North East – May 2017


We found that today was a great success, the event was very well organised. It was busy throughout the day with a lot of energy and enthusiasm from Visitors and the other companies at the event.

Barclays – North East – May 2017


We were delighted to be sponsors of The Job Show in Leeds and what a brilliant day it was! We had some great quality candidates through the door and everyone who attended seemed genuinely interested in discussing the roles that we had available within the BGL Group. It was a very well organised event and the room lay out was perfect for us to showcase our brand.

BGL – Leeds – February 2017


We’ve had a really great day! Met some quality candidates. Probably the best thing has been that everyone is a genuine Job Seeker.

Personally, I’ve also been able to do some quality networking which will end with a number of people starting a career at First Direct.

Well done The Job Show™!

First Direct – Leeds – February 2017


We met a large number of keen job seekers who each had valuable skills that could benefit the NHS.

The event was very well run and each exhibitor had enough space to showcase what we do.

NHS – Leeds – February 2017


Fantastic networking event.

A wide range of people attended with a wide range of skills and previous experience.

Very well organised event.

A variety of companies in attendance from all sectors and areas.

HSBCLeeds – February 2017



Our team thoroughly enjoyed the event,  it gave us the perfect opportunity to showcase our global business as a local employer and shout about both what we do and our career opportunities.  We met some great candidates and connections, will  certainly will be engaging with them in the coming days!   Such an excellent event for those looking for their next opportunity.

FarnellLeeds – February 2017


This is the first time we have attended the event – the mornng was really busy, a good buzz and we met some really good, relevant technical and customer service candidates.

Callcredit – Leeds – February 2017


The event has been really well organised. We have met lots of great candidates who we are looking forward to taking forward to our Recruitment process.

Mears Care – Leeds – February 2017

 Princes Trust Front Page

Myself and my manager recently attended the job show in Leeds. It was a well organised day with a fantastic atmosphere, clearly demonstrating a united passion to reduce unemployment across Yorkshire. Throughout the day, we engaged with lots of young people who were interested in the opportunities The Prince’s Trust have to offer. It was also a great opportunity to network with other providers. The job show was a great success for the Prince’s Trust and so far we have supported 6 young people onto a Get Started with Rugby programme and we will now be working with them to progress them into a positive outcome. We are also currently supporting a further 4 young people onto other programmes which will really help their development and confidence all on the back of this event. We are  looking forward to attending the next Job Show in Leeds as it was such a great success.

Looking forward to the next Job Show!

Princes Trust – Leeds – February 2017


The event was great, lots of people with positive attitudes and built lots of networks and professional relationships.

A large variety of business appointments – something for everyone.

We had a great day!

Aspire-Igen- Leeds – February 2017


Both from an Employer and Jobseekers perspective we found the event very useful. We managed to engage with 7 businesses who want to use our services so that will create more opportunities for our customers.
I look forward to the invite to the next Leeds event and wish you all the luck for the future.

Reed in Partnership – Leeds – February 2017


This was the first time that our team from Alzheimer’ s Society attended and we had a fantastic time.

A busy day talking to potential volunteers. There were  lots of interest in the charity and our volunteering opportunities and engagement from the other organisations that attended.

A great networking event.

Alzheimer’s SocietyLeeds – February 2017


RSA was naturally thrilled to be the Sponsors of The Job Show Peterborough which was kindly hosted at Peterborough United Football Club. The Job Show team made the day really easy and engaging for the exhibitors and the job visitors to the show. I take pride knowing that we are creating up to 200 new roles in RSA for the local community and the job show provides a perfect platform for all the exhibitors, along with RSA, to engage with the talented people that came to visit and I wish all them the very best as they embark on their new journey. Finally, it was great to have David Sanders the Mayor of Peterborough spend time with us all supporting the show, thank you.

RSA – Peterborough – January 2017

 Direct Line logo

We have found this to be a very good event. The quality of candidates has been high and we have collected a number of strong CV’s which we hope we can help.

With regards to the venue, it was a very good choice with excellent facilities.

Direct Line Group – London South – October 2016


What did  “The Job Show experience’’ do for you and your company?

I must say that from our first arrival on the day to leaving was extremely well organised.  All staff and those associated with The Job Show™  were extremely helpful and supportive.

As a business, we spoke to a number of very interesting people and have CVs for several potential new employees ranging from entry level to more senior staff; a very successful day indeed!

We look forward to being involved in events next year.

Morgan Sindall – London South – October 2016

City College

City College Peterborough were proud to be the sponsors of the Apprenticeship and Training centre at The Job Show Peterborough. It was a pleasure engaging with so many individuals who aspired to further their careers and knowledge. The event was the perfect opportunity for both exhibitors and job visitors.  We thank The Job Show for all their support and the opportunity.

City College – Peterborough – January 2017


“Been a really useful event, meeting lots of potential candidates that could join our Stonewater Team!”

Stonewater – Leicester – September 2016


“The Job Show presented a great opportunity for The Prince’s Trust to network and engage with local employers and providers to establish new connections and partnerships, whilst also allowing us to meet more young people in need of a boost.

Thank you for having us!”

Princes Trust – Leicester – September 2016


“It has been a great success to speak to talented professionals from all sorts of sectors.”

Sitel – Ricoh Arena Coventry June 2016


“Such a successful and positive event! Really well organised with a great atmosphere. We have met with some great contacts and hoping to fill many positions through PMP Recruitment to Amazon.

Will definately be attending the next event!!”

PMP Recruitment – Leicester – September 2016


“High number of people.

Different venue, liked that people had to register and make their way here rather than turning up because they were passing.”

Allianz – Aresenal FC London North May 2016

 Hermes Logo-page-001

“This has been a very successful event for Hermes. We hope we have been able to encourage and show people the way forward with a new career.

Many thanks for inviting us, we would love to attend again. We have 23 people interested in joining Hermes as a self employed courier. Infact, one recruit will start on Sunday!

Hermes – Arsenal FC L
ondon North May 2016


“Good exhibition/Job Show with a constant stream of potential candidates – many possible recruits!

Priory Group – Arsenal FC London North May 2016

 Body shop

“A great event, professionally organised!

Nothing was too much trouble for the staff supporting us and all of the administration was taken care of. It was great to be in front of prospective Consultants and to let job seekers know that we offer full and part-time opportunities and to showcase our business opportunity.

Very worthwhile!

The Body Shop at Home – Arsenal FC London North May 2016

 Department for Work & Pensions

“Another excellent event has taken place here at The Emirates, it was another great chance to showcase our vacancies.

So much interest in our CV Clinic, Face to Face helpful advice on CV’s. Positive feedback throughout, live vacancies covering all sectors of employment – full time and part-time roles, permanent and temp roles. Perfect event to cascade Job Centre roles plus advertised jobs.”

Department for Work & Pensions (HI Recruit Team) – Arsenal FC London North May 2016

 Busy Bees

Super venue – well organised. Great footfall, good contacts made.”

Busybees – Arsenal FC London North May 2016


“Great day. B & M would come back again. we have managed to get our company more well known in the London North area.

Thank you for having our company attend”

B & M Retail – Arsenal FC London North May 2016

 Outlook Care CMYK

“This has been a great event for networking particularly as we are looking to attract a wider demographic into the adult social care sector plus there were a number of companies here who could help us get in touch with the unemployed, older people, young people and lone parents who are looking for work. We also met a number of people who we are looking to invite in for interview for support worker roles in the next few weeks.”

Outlook Care – Arsenal FC London North May 2016

 The College of Harringey

“Good event/well organised!”

 College of North East London – Arsenal FC London North May 2016

Thomas Sanderson

“A real success.

Some gems amongst the stones!”

Thomas Sanderson – Arsenal FC London North May 2016


Hastings Direct Front Page

“Really good day, everyone was happy and willing to help. Loved the presentation at the beginning which gives you the basics of what The Job Show is about. Lots of people attended and a lot of interest shown. We have taken over 200 numbers to look at recruiting. Overall brilliant day. Well organised!

 Hastings Direct – Leicester City FC Leicester May 2016

Arriva_DB_Logo_AI_GREEN (3)

“Very busy day. A lot of interest in our vacancies. Very well organised!”

ARRIVA Midlands – Leicester City FC Leicester May 2016


“It has been a fantastic event and we have met a large variety of people who have shown a genuine interest in working with HSBC.

Venue was fantastic which really helped to attract the large number of attendees to the event.

Couldn’t have asked for anything more!

HSBC – Leicester City FC Leicester May 2016

 Intraining Logo

“Here at Intraining we really enjoyed the event.  The venue was awesome and it was natural to celebrate The Job show at the big house itself – King Power Stadium.

 We had quite a lot of people interested in the apprenticeship/traineeships that we offered and 12 people have already started their Traineeship with us.”

INTRAINING- Leicester City FC Leicester May 2016

 De Montfort University Leicester

“The event was organised and well attended. Nice to meet so many focused individuals looking for job opportunities.”

De Montfort University – Leicester City FC Leicester May 2016


“Wonderful set up, very well organised. Awareness and interest gathered was generated with all the efforts of The Job Show Staff. Big thank you!”

Santander – Leicester City FC Leicester City FC Leicester May 2016

 Mattiolli Woods Master

“The day was a great success. A well-attended event which was hectic at times, but very worthwhile in terms of visitors to our stand and the interest we have had. Thank you!”

Mattioli Woods – Leicester City FC Leicester

Army be the best logo

“We came with an open mind about the Show and the recruiting of Reserves. It has been a very busy day and the Recruiters have been talking non stop! We have had lots of interest and will look forward to following up the contacts made. We will definately be using The Job Show again.”

The Army Reserves – Leicester City FC Leicester May 2016


“The Job Show not only helped People in Action identify a number of high quality potential applicants, all of which have been invited for an interview, it also gave us the opportunity to network and connect with other local employers giving us the chance to advertise, expand and progress our current recruitment campaign. We are now confident that after connecting with several employers and Colleges, our team of Support Workers is going to grow rapidly in the coming months.”

People in Action- Ricoh Arena – Coventry June 2016

 Hastings Direct Front Page

This is the first time Hastings Direct has attended The Job Show and it has been a really promising start. The day is not over yet and we have already seen a record number of potential candidates with over 100 leads …..and counting!

I’m really pleased with the calibre of people that we’ve seen today and think the show was really well organised. Well done and thank you to Victoria and Caroline.

Hastings Direct – Leicester City FC Leicester


“From my experience, the day was a success at AXA PPP healthcare we have gathered numerous CV’s and over the course of the next week we will be contacting candidates to invite them in for interviews. I have already this morning logged on to receive a couple of CV’s from potential applicants that I spoke to yesterday.

In terms of profile I think AXA PPP healthcare got the word out there that we are a key employer in Leicestershire and that is key for us to keep attracting a high calibre of employee.”

AXA PPP healthcare – Leicester City FC Leicester


This was our fourth time attending The Job Show and this time the quality of potential candidates has been much higher than previous. We are currently looking to recruit advisors for our inbound contact centres and have spoken to a high calibre of candidates today!

Santander – Leicester City FC Leicester

 MW updated master

The day was a great success. A well-attended event which was hectic at times, but very worthwhile in terms of visitors to our stand and the interest we have had. Thank you!

Santander – Leicester City FC Leicester

 Birmingham NHS

As one of the largest Mental health provider in the West Midlands it was a fantastic opportunity to outreach to our community. The variety of people spending time talking about their careers and mental health was brilliant. Not only were we able to promote a full range NHS Mental health careers, it was also great in raising the profile of mental health and work towards reducing the stigma. Thanks to all at the job show for a great day.

Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation TrustBirmingham FC Birmingham

 Provident Financial “We attended the Job Show event in Leeds to recruit for various positions for our Bradford Head Office. The show was extremely well run, the team were fantastic, giving us a prime location, and the local press and radio advertising was impressive and great to get our employer brand out there. We had a great day, with high footfall, meaning we spoke to a high number of candidates, many of which applied for our vacancies there and then and others who gave us CV’s, which we followed up on and spoke to about relevant roles with Provident. We were very impressed with the show and have booked several more dates across the UK for our Branch Managers to attend.”
Provident Financial Group – Leeds United FC Leeds
Microsoft PowerPoint - Groupe PSA.ppt [Mode de compatibilité] “We attended the day in Tottenham as a trial event as we were new to The Job Show. We had a great day, speaking to a high number of excellent candidates, most of which we have interviewed for vacancies available at Robins & Day and Citroen Retail Group dealerships in the area.  The General Managers who attended were impressed by the calibre of people and the venue and have recommended The Job Show to other Managers and we’ve subsequently booked more shows UK wide.”
Peugeot Citroen – Chelsea FC London
 alzheimers “The Alzheimer’s Society attended the Job show for the 1st time last year at the Marriott Hotel. On arrival we were greeted in a most friendly and professional manner. The whole day was run extremely efficiently and was very well attended. It was a great chance for us to promote our Volunteer vacancies and allowed us to speak with many potential employees/volunteers who were interested in being involved in the Charity sector. All in all it was a great success ending in the recruitment of 2 new volunteers. We are looking forward to exhibiting at the new venue at Serpentine Green this year. Many thanks to the Job show for allowing us this opportunity to promote the recruitment of volunteers for the Alzheimer’s Society in the Peterborough area.”
Alzheimer’s Society – Peterborough United FC Peterborough

London Marriott

J W Marriott

“In attending the Job Show™ London North, we were able to engage with our local community and promote careers with Marriott Hotels in London. We managed to speak to many enthusiastic job seekers on the day, some of whom had prior experience in the hospitality industry and others who we could see making great associates within our properties. Since attending we have had several interviews set up on property and will likely convert these into hires in our business which is a fantastic return on investment.”
London Marriott Hotels – London
Sports Direct “The Job Show Coventry was a great success for our business. This day will go a long way in supporting the recruitment needs in our three Sportsdirect stores in Coventry; Market Way, Cannon Park and Central Six, as well as our USC store in West Orchards Shopping Centre. We are looking forward to our next Job Show in Birmingham.”
Sports Direct – Coventry
Coventry & Warwickshire Trust “Very good Job Show. Venue was excellent!”
Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership Trust – Coventry
 CaterpillarBMET “A very successful day. We have reunited some high calibre candidates for our forthcoming assessment days. The number of people who attended significantly exceeded our expectations with a great range of employable candidates.”
Caterpillar & Birmingham Metropolitan College – Leicester
 Santander “Fantastic day, received a large number of CV’s from really good potential candidates. Lots of people interested in banking and customer service roles.”
Santander – Leicester
pera training “It has been our pleasure to meet so many enthusiastic people today here at the Leicester Job Show. The job Show has been an invaluable opportunity to meet a range of potential learners, who with the help of Pera Training, can enter the world of work – or start a new chapter in their career through on the job training.”
Pera Training – Leicester
 firstpoint “Very positive people create positive and productive events. Victoria and Caroline have been a breath of fresh air by organising this event. We have exceeded our expectations today with possible candidates. Good luck with the future.”
FirstPoint Home Care – Leicester
 Provident Logo “Very well organised and professionally run, with good communication at every stage. We recorded details of 18 people of interest and hope to reserve online applications over coming days. We would look forward to future Job Shows!”Provident Personal Credit – Leicester
Leicestershire college “The Job Show was a really positive experience for us and a great opportunity for us to get out and meet clients in the community.”
South Leicestershire College – Leicester
Bauer “I just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the day we spent at the Peterborough Job Show yesterday.  As you know this was the first time we have attended an event like this and we were not disappointed. Over the course of the day we spoke to many people about Bauer Media and the roles we have available. We handed out many fact packs which included an application form and a magazine.
We collected 21 CV’s from people who were genuinely interested in a media sales career and we even managed to interview 1 candidate who we offered a permanent full time position to whilst at the event. In addition to sourcing new team members the show also provided us with a great opportunity to talk to people more generally about Bauer Media and the vast portfolio of brands we own.
Thank you for a productive and enjoyable day!”
Bauer Media Group – Peterborough
access-prepaidmastercard Access Prepaid Worldwide – A MasterCard Business recently announced their recruitment of 13 candidates as a result of attending the Job Show, Peterborough held in May.
“Following our successful attendance at The Job Show in May, Access Prepaid Worldwide is delighted to be attending The Job Show again in September.”
Access Prepaid Worldwide – Peterborough
Industrious “Thank you so much again for your help and assistance during the job show last week, it was a fantastic day which was very productive for Industrious. You were all extremely helpful and professional in everything and I hope we can continue to work closely with you on our advertising options for the Bedford and Peterborough area over the coming weeks and months.”
Industrious – Peterborough
 PRC “The event was really well attended during my two “shifts” from 11.30-3.30. There was a constant flow of people from a range of backgrounds and with a variety of needs. There were enquiries regarding apprenticeships, FE and HE courses on full-time and part-time basis. There were also a fair few unemployed people who attended and, whilst I know these were the not the target market, I believe it was useful for some of them who had perhaps not considered or discussed their future direction in any depth before or been given sufficient support in the past.
The event was really well organised and I thought the venue was excellent. Having all the exhibitors in one room was beneficial to all, in my opinion and I think those who attended got a lot out of the day.”
Peterborough Regional College – Peterborough
Camb Regional “The Job Show Cambridge helped convey the message to job seekers that we as a college have strong links with employers and businesses which can really enhance their prospects to find employment through our network of employers. We found the Job Show staff so helpful and going the extra mile to make the day a success for all concerned. We will be working closely with Victoria and Caroline in the future to help job seekers secure jobs. Thanks also to Jamal and Harriet who are splendid examples of your Apprentices!”
Cambridge Regional College – Cambridge
logo_worldwide_group “Worldwide Group had a great day at the Peterborough Job Show. We took over 60 CVs from some wonderful candidates and have quickly been able to arrange several interviews. We were able to treat the opportunity of meeting and speaking with candidates as a first stage interview and it greatly helped with the process of identifying the most suitable applicants for our wide variety of roles. The venue was right for the occasion and we were delighted with the positioning of our stand. It was tremendous to see the queue of candidates waiting for the doors to open and we saw a steady flow right through lunch and towards the end of the day. Thank you, Victoria, for putting on such a terrific Job Show!”
Worldwide Group – Peterborough
Tabs “The event was a success with lots of keen enthusiastic candidates coming through the door. TABS Training/Learndirect attracted a good level of attention throughout the day, gaining over 10 potential clients from the occasion and many more leads to follow up. Once again thank you for inviting our company to promote our services and a special thank you to the Job Show for organising a fantastic show piece event. With the amount and variety of job opportunities available, alongside quality candidates in attendance, I am confident that many jobs were filled and the Job Show has achieved its goal of assisting local employment in Cheltenham.”
Tabs Training – Gloucestershire
Western Union Business Solutions ’’We are delighted to have sponsored the event. We spoke to over 100 potential job seekers and we have already conducted our first interview’’
Western Union – Peterborough
CHS “Extremely well organised and enjoyable day. We met a wide range of different people and signed up over 30 people for further career advice sessions. Great networking event with other organisations in the employment field!”
CHS Group – Cambridge
N&P “Really diverse mix of people and a good opportunity to talk face to face and encourage people to apply for job alerts. A positive event.”
Norwich and Peterborough Building Society – Peterborough
Ikea “What a fantastic day! A great opportunity to be part of something big for Peterborough. A really well organized event. Had some great quality candidates come and visit us, real buzz around the room looking forward to future opportunities.”
Ikea – Peterborough
British Antartic “An enjoyable day meeting new people in Cambridge, bringing British Antarctic Survey a new audience and engaging with other local organisations.”
British Antarctic Survey – Cambridge
city college “City College Peterborough has successfully recruited local people onto a range of work-related programmes as a direct result of attending the Job Show. The Job Show has been a fantastic success and helped jobseekers to meet training providers and employers to help them get the support they need to get back into work and improve their career prospects.”
City College Peterborough – Peterborough
 live well at home “We have had a great response from The Job Show in Cheltenham, and have received a number of application forms from some really promising candidates for the roles that we had available. We are looking to follow these up and could potentially have new starters as soon as the beginning of July! We were able to go in to a lot more detail about our Company and the roles that we were looking to fill, the face to face interaction was brilliant as it acted like a first interview!”
Live Well at Home – Gloucestershire
Avon “We have really enjoyed being part of such a fantastic event. Lots of people have taken up our incredible earning opportunity can’t wait for the next one!”
Avon Cosmetics – Peterborough
Cambridge Building Society “Well organised. We were fortunate regarding the press coverage we received in relation to this event. Good opportunity to network with other Cambridge based organisations. We were able to meet a few good potential candidates.”
Cambridge Building Society – Cambridge
Indesit “The show generated a lot of interest in the Company and positions we had to offer – it was also a good opportunity for Employer branding”
Indesit – Peterborough
 bluebird “I enjoyed working with all of the team at Connaught Media. Friendly, professional and extremely capable. A fantastic venue, perfect for attracting the kind of staff we were looking to employ. Excellent publicity and marketing , with superb local media coverage. Victoria did an amazing job of showcasing Bluebird Care and the opportunities we offer for a career in the Care Sector.”
Bluebird Care – Gloucestershire
Coca Cola “A good use of our time with suitable candidates identified for our opportunities, we look forward to contacting them next week.”
Coca Cola Enterprise – Peterborough
Nurse Plus  “Very useful day. Great chance to network and we spoke to a lot of new people promoting what we do, we will definitely be back!”
Nurse Plus – Cambridge
Anglian Water “Great day! Very well organised – communication before & after the event was great. We think we’ve found some future talent today which is really positive.”
Anglian Water – Cambridgeshire
alzheimers “The Alzheimer’s Society attended the Job show for the 1st time last year at the Marriott Hotel. On arrival we were greeted in a most friendly and professional manner. The whole day was run extremely efficiently and was very well attended. It was a great chance for us to promote our Volunteer vacancies and allowed us to speak with many potential employees/volunteers who were interested in being involved in the Charity sector. All in all it was a great success ending in the recruitment of 2 new volunteers. We are looking forward to exhibiting at the new venue at Serpentine Green this year. Many thanks to the Job show for allowing us this opportunity to promote the recruitment of volunteers for the Alzheimer’s Society in the Peterborough area.”
Alzheimer’s Society – Peterborough
 Sue Ryder “We have been delighted to meet a number of people who have shown a genuine interest in finding out more about the job opportunities at Sue Ryder, both at the new shops we are opening in and around Peterborough and at Thorpe Hall Hospice itself. We have identified potential candidates for several of the roles we currently have available and will be following those up over the coming weeks”
Sue Ryder – Peterborough
Army be the best logo black “Excellent network opportunities and ideal location for putting the reserve forces in the public eye.”
Army Reserves – Cambridge
Next Step “The Job Show was a great way of meeting potential applicants face to face and discuss the great opportunities of working at Next Steps. We look forward to working together on future events.”
Next Step Community Care – Peterborough
 PRC “The Job Show proved a good opportunity to promote and market apprenticeships at PRC, whilst encouraging 19+ job seekers to consider apprenticeships as an option for entering employment. We were able to market our current vacancies whilst promoting the National Apprenticeship Service. The range of candidates was varied, including parents, job seekers and education leavers. Thank you.”
Peterborough Regional College – Peterborough

Amy from North East 2018 said:

“I approached the Job Show today feeling unsure of what to expect.

I was instantly greeted and was told what to do and was pointed in the right direction. There was so many opportunities available. I showed a lot of interest in various roles.

‘Sunderland City Council’ was most helpful. The lady was very kind and filled me with a load of great ideas of what I could do. i came to The Job Show very shy and nervous and left feeling confident and full of smiles.

I really enjoyed it! it is worth the visit!


Jane from North East 2018 said:

“So glad I came to the Job Show, I met some fantastic potential employers. Made to feel very welocme and an atmosphere that was great to be in!

Simon from North East 2018 said:

“The Job Show was very beneficial as it has helped me get clarity and give me more guidance and self awareness to employment. I have received good information on certain positions and roles available to gain employment.

PS. The help desk were friendly and much appreciated.

Joe from North East 2018 said:

“A range of different careers, lots of information and help available, lots of help in finding places to look for Apprenticeships and training.”

Chris from North East 2018 said:

“Our Students found the event very helpful in planning the next streps of their careers. There was a fantastic rang of businesses on top.”


Chanelle from London 2018 said:

“I have come here today looking for job roles in the mental health sector, looking at Health Support work. I found it extremely useful getting to know the employers and the roles they have on offer for people that have just graduated. If you are looking for a particular job role I would definitely recommend that you come and have a look at what suits you.”

Sachin from London 2018 said:

“I have seen National Careers Centre and they showed me to the Apprenticeship area. I would recommend to my friends to participate in this event.”

Ioana from London 2018 said:

“It has been really good here today, I have a few interviews and job trials. I would highly recommend coming to The Job Show™ .”

Gavin from London 2018 said:

“I came here today to see what opportunities where available. I found out about the event through the Harrow Times. I have passed my CV to lots of companies. I would recommended this event to my friends, some of them were not able to come today and I was even able to asked for extra information which most of the employers helped me with. If there is another of these events, I would definitely come to it”

Shurb from London 2018 said:

“The Job Show™ is better than I expected – lots of employers I hadn’t event thought about going to see. I am interested in office and accountancy…..if you have no idea where to go then this is the best show as there are lots of colleges, lots of information and organisations that can help you.”

Perczyk from London 2018 said:

“There are a lot of different jobs and companies here from Catering, NHS, Engineering and these companies are offering Apprenticeships. Everyone was very  helpful to help me to find the right job. I would really recommend if you didn’t come today to makes sure you come to the next one.”

Hannah Collings from Peterborough 2018 said:

’’The Job Show event was excellent. The stands offered detailed information about the jobs on offer. I was able to secure 2 interviews for the following day and would thoroughly recommend attending if you are looking for a job.”

Samantha Sismey from Peterborough 2018 said:

’’Visited the Job Show with a very open mind, not really knowing what to expect however, found it really useful, informative and interesting. Managed to find jobs that I didn’t even consider beforehand.”

Jack Falvi  from Leicester 2018 said:

’’I think this particular event is invaluable and helps bridge the gap between employers and potential employees. All of those involved show genuine interest and enthusiasm and are very welcoming, regardless of your background.”

 Jamey Charles-Coventry  from Leicester 2018 said:

’’Very much enjoyed attending The Job Show™ at the King Power Stadium. Definitely would recommend coming and looking for employment. There is so many jobs to apply for and I found it very rewarding.”

 Brendan Concannon  from Leicester 2018 said:

’’I was very impressed with the event. The companies involved seemed very helpful. I felt they were listening to me and the opportunities available looked very good.

I will be applying for many of the roles available.”

James Roberts  from Leicester 2018 said:

’’I was very impressed with the variety and scope of the jobs. Everyone has been very helpful and friendly and answered all of the questions I had about the businesses. The handouts and leaflets have been very informative and overall I feel today has been a success.

Shaun Turner  from Leicester 2018 said:

’’Thanks to The Job Show™ for giving me the opportunity to liaise with companies and develop my prospects. An excellent day with excellent staff and support.


Michelle Garratt  from Leicester 2018 said:

’’Having not had to look for a job for decades, I found the exhibitors to be very approachable and helpful. It has provided me with a variety of industries to approach for opportunities.”


 Abedi Smuel Bawd  from Leicester 2018 said:

’’It has been a great experience at The Job Show™ today, very lovely exhibitors explaining what roles are available and how to apply for them.

I will recommend more of such shows all over the UK.”


Jay Pancholi from Leicester 2018 said:

’’Very helpful service and a number of opportunities and contacts can be made if you apply yourself.”



Sarah Collier from Manchester 2018 said:

’’Excellent variety of employers and support available. Well organised friendly staff and great venue.”

Asmaa Bouraya from Manchester 2018 said:

’’It’s very good that employers are promoting different roles – some of which I never thought existed. Presentation is very friendly and welcoming.”

Peter Kirwin from Manchester 2018 said:

’”I bought a group of my ESOL/Employability trainees. There were many different types of employers and opportunities. This has definitely inspired my trainees to enter the work-place. We particularly enjoyed the ‘greater jobs section’ were all the councils of Greater Manchester have come together to display all available vacancies. I also got the opportunity to meet with National Careers Service – which will be a great contact in the future…..Excellent!.”

Will Osbaldiston from Manchester 2018 said:

’’Very useful to have multiple organisations under one roof to consider options for the future. Informative and relaxed environment to discuss potential roles.”


Anthony and Dawn Murphy from Manchester 2018 said:

’’A great variety of companies with lots of opportunities and accurate information regarding careers, development and future potentials.”


Simon Jones from Manchester 2018 said:

’’I primarily came to The Job Show™ for CV advice and found the information provided was very useful. People were friendly too!”


Cherie Bosama from Manchester 2018 said:

’’I was working at the Help Desk and I completely loved it. I enjoyed meeting different people from different backgrounds and hearing their stories about how they would like to change their life with a job. I’ve enjoyed working with Victoria and Caroline and also speaking to the guests and encouraging them so that they had a confidence boost. I would happily love to help out again and many thanks for an amazing opportunity!”


Nabeel Hussain  from Birmingham 2018 said:

’’I found the Job Show™ very useful. I managed to indulge in conversations with various different companies and went away with lots of useful information about positions that I would not have known about if I did not attend today.

All in all a very positive event which I would recommend to anyone looking for a new opportunity.”


Liam Seagrove  from Birmingham 2018 said:

’’Lots of opportunities to speak to various bodies and Companies. There was a wide range of jobs, Apprenticeships, work experience opportunities plus many more. Friendly and open atmosphere, highly recommend to anyone looking for jobs advice or just help and guidance for your CV.


Arron Morvington from Birmingham 2018 said:

’’I was nervous when I first arrived at St. Andrews Stadium for the Job Show as I didn’t know what to expect. I was welcomed in with a polite manner and asked what work I was looking for. I was surprised to see such a wide, diverse range of jobs they had on offer from Banking to Construction, Apprenticeship to Aviation. All exhibitors were polite and explained their job roles perfectly and answered any questions I had to the best of their ability. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to attend this show. You will not be disappointed.”


Ryan Wood from Birmingham 2018 said:

“The Job Show™ had a wide range of recruiters from Construction to Care and logistics. Being able to speak to them directly gives you a better insight into how the company works and finding out if there is a position suited to you. Everyone was very welcoming and encouraging allowing you to sign up for job alerts, leaving your CV and even contact details for them to get in touch with you.”


Arif Rarat  from Birmingham 2018 said:

’’It’s been a really helpful and productive event. I received some valuable information and met very friendly and approachable recruiters.

Would recommend to anyone looking for work.”

Wasim Ali  from Birmingham 2018 said:

’’It was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed it.

I applied for a few jobs and hope to come back soon.”

Jonathan Atkin  from Birmingham 2018 said:

’’Very helpful and informative staff – several interesting companies recruiting and well worth visiting .

Abdul Kayser  from Birmingham 2018 said:

’’Very friendly, many employers and opportunities available. A positive experience that will lead to potential employment in the future.

Would recommend to anyone looking for employment/Apprenticeship or some advice with applications.


Emma Shaw  from Leicester 2017 said:

’’I’ve never been to The Job Show™ before so I didn’t know what to expect. However, I came with one job role in mind and left with three jobs I would be interested in. It is handy as they put you as priority.


Stephen Frith from Leicester 2017 said:

’’Good place to come and arrange an interview – a good starting point!


Jack Gilding from Leicester 2017 said:

’’Very well organised. Lots of variety. Very nice staff. Lots of opportunity.


Radnim from Leicester  2017 said:

’’Great opportunity to learn about different career opportunities particularly the Royal Navy. Obtained a new insight on a career path in the Navy and the multifaceted nature of operations.


Kyle Ram from Leicester 2017 said:

’’Really enjoyed talking to the companies offering potential jobs for me. Very helpful and gave me a lot of support. Really recommend other people who are looking for jobs either full or part time to come along. I had a lot of offers from Santander and Lifetime Training about job opportunities that could fit me perfectly and Apprenticeships that could give me a boost to another qualification.


Mr and Mrs Zoltan from Leicester 2017 said:

’’Very useful when looking for a job. Helpful people and nice presentation about job opportunities. We recommend anyone looking for a job to come along!


Yvonne Hunter from North East 2017 said:

’’Fabulous advice and information – friendly reception, well worth a visit!


Chris Abrahams from North East 2017 said:

’’Event was well organised. With plenty of helpful information provided. Everyone was tentative, polite and friendly!


Jenna Duke from North East 2017 said:

’’Great to talk to the different businesses for advice. Pinpoint gave me lots of great ideas to help improve myself and also to start my own business.

Very friendly and made me feel welcome at every section.


Cameron Old from North East 2017 said:

’’After coming to the end of my Digital Marketing Apprenticeship I am now looking for jobs with a link in what I do. I have looked at a variety of industries such as Barclays, EC Outsourcing and much more. I hope to hear back from the companies very soon and continue to learn + work.


Johanne Nesbilt from North East 2017 said:

’’I felt very nervous before coming as unsure what to expect but immediately felt pleased I had come. Really informative and approachable people wanting to help in any way. By the time I had spent time chatting and finding out how many options were available, I left feeling confident and hopeful.


Amanda Taws from North East 2017 said:

’’I have recently been made redundant after working 34 years full time. This was a new experience which I entered with nerves…..I was welcomed on my first step in by a lovely lady called Victoria Clarke. She put me at ease and boosted my confidence to go for it!

Each stand I visited showed great interest and made me feel appreciated which was a great feeling after redundancy. Great show, very friendly people…..

I’d pass on the advice to anyone to – go for it!.”


Jon Williams from North East 2017 said:

’’What a fantastic environment to encourage people to find meaningful employment!

All the stalls were well laid out and the staff were really helpful.

What a great way to focus people back to employment

Well done!”


Terry Brown from North East 2017 said:

’’Recently relocated back to the North East after many years. Not sure of what to do with my career.

Attended event and was surprised at the friendly approach of all exhibitors and staff. Would recommend to anyone!”


Terriann Porteous from North East 2017 said:

’’It was good and informative and there was a lot of useful information.”


Troy Pounder from North East 2017 said:

’’It’s a great event, everyone was very pleasant and there is a lot of opportunities that I would never have thought of. I’m very glad I came!”

Owen Haygarth  from North East 2017 said:

’’It was an excellent time.”

 Person no.1

Rebecca Whiteley from Leeds 2017 said:

’’An excellent and well organised event. There were a wide variety of companies and job roles available, with very helpful and informative staff on hand to offer any assistance or explanations. Would recommend The Job Show™ to anyone looking at a new career or career change.”

 Person no. 2

Ron Craik from Leeds 2017 said:

’’Came along to gather careers information and advice for my son. Very worthwhile, glad I came. A good cross section of local employers including Apprenticeship advice and in addition advice on how to compose effective CV’s.”

 Person no. 4

Victoria Dennison from Leeds 2017 said:

’’Found today really helpful, the majority of the stands were able to help me or point me in the right direction.

Range of different companies here to help you. Staff really helpful at the start as they pointed me in the direction where companies were looking for what I wanted (HR).”

gary Gary Clipston from Peterborough 2017 said:

‘’I saw the advertisement in the paper and was excited to attend The Job Show™ and met potential employers. I was amazed at the amount of businesses on show and to have the opportunity to discuss in a face to face environment. I had a great experience and hopefully will find the right employment for the near future.’’

Update: in just a week Gary got offered 2 interviews and accepted a job at Coloplast commencing 30th January 2017

 testimonial no 3

Craig Hardy from North East 2016 said:

’’I came along to the Job Show this morning – wasn’t sure what to expect but  came along and have got an interview working within a Call Centre. I have also been speaking to the National Career Service on help with my CV and interview techniques. It has been very successful so hopefully I will get a job out of it. I have an interview next Tuesday. I would advise people to come along as you get to meet with Employers face-to-face and make an impression.”

 Testimonial 1

Delwyn Colling from North East 2016 said:

’’Today was brilliant, really informative, I found out lots of information. I want a job in Nursing/Healthcare and I would like to do a Nurse Degree Programme. Today was very useful and I would recommend people to come along and find out lots of information. There are lots of people to talk to on a one to one basis.”

 Testimonal no 2

Wayne Glynn from North East 2016 said:

’’Very useful event with a broad spectrum of companies relevant to the North East. Hopefully, I will get an interview from today. I would definitely recommend people to attend.”

 testimonal no 4

Ibrahim Elmorsy from North East 2016 said:

’’I came looking for a new career….I found the information online. It is a great opportunity for people to research for a job and I would recommend all my friends to come. In the next 24 hours I hope to get an interview….”


Jasdeep Parmor from Leicester 2016 said:

’’Upon entering The Job Show venue, I found a large array of opportunity presented in front of myself; my chosen path was to investigate the Banking opportunities here. The information that I received from the booths was very helpful and it guided me towards a career to which I felt I would be comfortable. The venue hosts are very polite and friendly which eased my nerves I had going in. Overall I would say visiting The Job Show was a very rewarding and eye opening experience.”


Krishna Mistry-Arya from Leicester 2016 said:

’’This was the first time I had been to a Job Show and it was great to see that everyone was so friendly and approachable.  I would definately recommend people to go. I have distributed my CV to various businesses who will contact me for any jobs within their HR Departments. It was fantastic that I was able to speak to HR Professionals even though no HR jobs were available.”


Kathryn Vivers from Leicester 2016 said:

’’I have found The Job Show very useful, it has helped me to find out about jobs that I would never have heard about if I hadn’t come here today. I have come away with lots of application forms and an interview for next week! I hope that soon I will be employed again!”


Desiny Learner from Leicester 2016 – Youth Education Project said:

’’I felt The Job Show opened my eyes to a lot more job oportunities than I thought were possible. Everyone was really helpful and happy.”

Joanne Eason Tutor from Leicester 2016 – Youth Education Project said:

’’My learners realised that they were capable of doing a wide range of jobs and they were able to see all the opportunities available to them.”


Philip Green from Leicester 2016 said:

’’I thought it was very good. The people were very helpful. I would come again to the Job Show – it was really worthwhile coming….It is very well laid out”


Mohammed Zakarlya Degla from Leicester 2016 said:

’’Wide variety of companies and roles available. Very helpful staff and plenty of potential for job seekers. A very easy way to find a job!”

Testimonal photo

Claire Willoughby from Leicester said:

’’After not really knowing about The Job Show before and unsure whether to go or not, I am more than happy that I have. I feel that all of the companies with stands are well established and supportive. Everyone is extremely friendly. I was guided straight to the company best suited to my career path and I will be leaving feeling very confident today. Thank you!”

 Testimonal photo 1

Yasin Meah from Birmingham said:

’’Best advice given, also plenty wider options to choose from….Everyone was super friendly and helpful’’

 Testimonal photo 2

Rhianne Bagley from Birmingham said:

’’It was worth me coming today as I might get a job in administraiton – really worth visiting!’’




 Emma Ratcliffle from Peterborough said:

’’There are jobs to be had in Peterborough and the Job Show has proved that. After being told I would be made redundant, I was really surprised at the number of employers and the diverse nature of the businesses represented. I came away from the Job Show feeling very optimistic that I will very soon be taking up my next new learning and development challenge’’
Emma is now employed by Access Pre-Paid Mastercard

Maya Johnson-Hector Maya Johnson-Hector from Birmingham said:
“Found today to be very useful – I liked the variety of companies that were available and all had positive advice and good tips for making an application that stands out. As soon as I entered the room, I was approached by a smiling and enthusiastic member of The Job Show team who already had a company for me to visit to get started which immediately made me feel more comfortable and happy to ask questions to get what I needed out of it. Thanks for the opportunity!”
Maya attended The Job Show™ Birmingham 
Jamal Jamal Samaoli from Peterborough said:
“I went to the Job Show Event in May not having a clue what I wanted to do in the future. I saw a stand from Peterborough Regional College offering apprenticeships but not having any knowledge about it, I went to have a look. I was given a lot of knowledge about apprenticeships and it really made my mind up of what path I wanted to take. After looking at different companies and apprenticeship courses I found a particular one which stood out to me. After all the searching, I found ‘Connaught Media’ and that brings me here today. I am now a part of The Job Show helping other people who are in the same position as I used to be and that feels very rewarding!”
Jamal was  an apprentice with The Job Show™
Charles Macauley Charles Macauley from Manchester said:
“Overall I found The Job Show very helpful and insightful as most of the skills I was looking for I could start developing just by meeting and talking to potential employers. It boost my confidence and actually put me in a scenario which I felt as if I was in a job interview. Many thanks to The Job Show for organising the event!”
Charles attended The Job Show™ Manchester 
Ashley & Henri Pinney Henri & Ashley Pinney from Leicester said:
“We found the event very helpful especially with the apprenticeships. I (Ashley) am now interested in doing a course in retail, and I (Henri) have applied for a three week course.”
Henri & Ashley attended The Job Show™ Leicester 
 Mili Graduate Mili Tolomeo from Peterborough said:
’’The Job Show Peterborough enhanced my ability to secure a position with a leading financial institution – an outcome I do not feel would have followed from the impersonal touch from online applications. The event successfully catered for individuals with varied educational backgrounds, and highlighted to employers qualities and talent hidden within our city.’’
(Mili was a previous job show promotional team member).
Mili is now employed by The Norwich & Peterborough
test Simran Singh from Birmingham said:
“The Job Show was extremely helpful for me. I learned a lot and it gave me a lot of information to take away. More Job Shows should be presented.”
Simran attended The Job Show™ Birmingham
Ashley Thompson Ashley Thompson from Peterborough said:
“Today has been better than expected. I came in looking for any available company that would take me on for an apprenticeship course and have got bags full. I am very pleased to come along and find courses available, advice and useful information that will help me put a foot in the door of my career aspiration. I would like to finish by stating that The Job Show is an amazing event and very useful to find out available courses/jobs and apprenticeships that people like me need.”
Ashley attended The Job Show™ Peterborough 
Bronte edit Bronte Naylor from Peterborough said:
“Today I got myself a new job with Bauer Media as a telesales assistant. It has given me plenty of opportunities to grow, moving from a retail customer advisor. I am glad I came to The Job Show, it has been well worth it!”
Bronte was employed by Bauer Media on the day!
Vincent Lau Vincent Lou from Manchester said:
“I came to The Job Show to see what job opportunities were in Manchester and to broaden my horizons. All of the exhibitors and staff were very friendly and informative, and not intimidating at all. At the end of the day, I had a very enjoyable time and came out with a lot of new information and choices.”
Vincent attended The Job Show™ Manchester 
David Metcalf David Metcalf from Leicester said:
“Very useful in being able to explore different careers with people face to face and would recommend everyone to use The Job Show.”
David attended The Job Show™ Leicester
Imogen and Angela Imogen Christmas and her mum, Angela Christmas from Peterborough said:
“Me and my mum went to The Job Show not really knowing what to expect. We were both hoping to find a job in care work but didn’t know about the various opportunities that were there. We looked at the care companies that were there and came across one which looked perfect for what we both wanted. My mum and I both applied for job roles in hope that if not both, then at least one of us would hopefully get it. Within a week, me and my mum were ecstatic to find out that we were both offered along for an interview. After the interview we were both told that we had successfully been offered a job with one of the care companies. In shock that me and my mum both got a job at the same work place we cannot thank The Job Show enough for giving us this opportunity that we both dreamed of.”
Imogen and Angela have now been employed with Augusta Care
James edit  Steven Manley from Cambridge said:
“I had a really good experience and it was very helpful. I am looking forward to hearing back from employers”
Steven attended The Jobs Show™ Cambridge 
Alison Taylor Alison Taylor from Leicester said:
“I came to The Job Show looking for a finance job and talked with a Job Centre admin who suggested I look at teacher training as I have an NVQ 3 qualification in childcare. The Job Show has made me re think my future and it is great!”
Alison attended The Job Show™ Leicester 
Matthew edit  Matthew Claydon from Cambridge said:
“The Job Show was a useful opportunity to consider different careers, and to discuss your situation with others.”
Matthew attended The Job Show™ Cambridge 
Fatima edit  Fatima Abubakari from Cambridge said:
“The Job Show was very useful, I hope to hear back from people. I would definitely advise people to attend.”
Fatima attended The Job Show™ Cambridge 
James  James Williams from Cambridge said:
“I received a lot of information for many different career paths, The Job Show was very useful to me.”
James attended The Job Show™ Cambridge 
3 women  Charlotte Moore, Helen Cuthbert & Stacey Dowdney from Peterborough said:
“We all had a great time at the Job Show today, and have made some real leads and connections and hope to find new employment shortly. Unfortunately the 3 of us are being made redundant from our current employer so are keen to source permanent employment in a new position ASAP in the Peterborough and surrounding areas.”
Charlotte, Helen & Stacey attended The Job Show Peterborough
Lady edit 2 Gina Tyler from Peterborough said:
“I would just like to say a big thank you for all your help the other day at your Job Show. I found it extremely informative and a total eye opener in some instances eg. College grants for older students. At the age of 54 and finding myself unemployed for the first time in my life I found this information invaluable. Once again a big thank you and may I wish you much success with this project.”
Gina attended The Job Show 
Binta Binta Dnow from Peterborough said:
“It went really well for me today at the Job Show . I had all the information I was looking for and Caroline has been a major help about the types of job’s I was interested in. if I was to mark her out of 10 I would give her 11 because she helped me with every single question I asked her.”
Binta attended the Job Show in Peterborough



We found that today was a great success, the event was very well organised. It was busy throughout the day with a lot of energy and enthusiasm from Visitors and the other companies at the event.